Shattered sound

Whispering silences

tied at the tongue

stifled the warnings

of a symphony unsung

Dissonance so intune

harmony is bereft

of the strangled cords

that steals your breath


Eerie like eyes
a million conspiring spies
yet everyone tries
watching me watching you alluding as allies
Controlling little liar’s

The night it does confess its crime throwing its caliginosity to deliberately undermine and shroud
your simple beauty
It’s trials thwarted as the moon light came to your defence her luminescence
more than compliments and she sees it as her duty

And now we are sated she crooned matter of fact leaving our bed walked to the window to cradle the moon
Our Wiccan ways are steeped in lore I couldn’t be sure but I think she purred I’d thought it before
Fate has bound us by our desires and intention then graced us with this contentment
Thus I became blessedly bewitched.

And the August wind did howl
Warm and strong for me alone it’s power
and as it sang it’s song
it gave me voice
and stole my sigh
when it seduced my soul neath a vermilion sky

Sacrifice sacrifice everyone thinks they make sacrifices Don’t get your own way Sacrifice Can’t afford the best Sacrifice no takeaway Sacrifice I stand here arms tied behind me waiting for the sound that states I’m nearly dead waiting for the subtle movement of his finger to say its coming anticipating the pain when the bullet enters my body I quiver but resolute I stand execution style to give my life for my child Someone has to die for his mistake This is my sacrifice